Guide to
GoPro eBook

What is the
eBook about?

If you couldn’t work it out from the title, it covers everything GoPro. From settings in the various modes to tips and creative ideas, plus by buying the guide you are automatically entered for a chance to win some GoPro gear!

is it for?

It is for ANYONE who owns a GoPro, is thinking of buying a GoPro, or for those of you who own a GoPro but have it shoved away in a drawer!

What is
the point?

I started out writing this eBook to help others during the great ‘Lockdown of 2020‘. But as the pages grew, I wanted to show you that you don’t need to be an athlete or adrenaline junkie to get the most out of a GoPro. I am not either of those things, yet I love how I can document aspects of my life in the easiest and most convenient way possible…. With a pocket sized camera capable of sooo many things!

What is the
‘competition’ all about?

It is not really a competition, but I want to show how passionate I am about GoPro cameras by paying it forward to anyone who buys this eBook. Originally I was going to offer this guide for free, but I wanted to charge something in order to raise some money for a cause that I firmly believe in.

I want to purchase as much stuff using the money from this eBook to buy the things I mention in the accessories section including GoPro cameras, and send them to you, the reader of this eBook!

To find out more, you will have to buy this eBook where I cover all the details.

Ultimate Guide to GoPro – eBook

Discover the Ultimate Guide to GoPro eBook.

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