Best GoPro Hashtags for Instagram 2017

A lot of people notice that my engagement is quite good on my Instagram for someone who doesn’t actually have that many followers. But thats down to my Hashtags

Following on from my previous post about GoPro Settings , I thought I would share the hashtags I use for my GoPro pics.

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, my main problem is I am lazy, inconsistent and can’t be arsed searching for Hashtags!

My Instagram feed has evolved over time. My main annoyance with it has been I struggled to find my niche and stick to a theme for my feed.

I tried many different things, even adding doodles and making my images more polaroid looking.

But I was noticing 1 thing through each stage… My GoPro pics always did well!

I always liked to strip down my YouTube videos for Instagram as well to help promote them, but videos never do well on Instagram.

So I reached the conlcusion that from now on I would only ever post photos taken with my GoPro.

I also decided that I would never put video posts on my feed either.

Between Hannah and myself we now have the best of both worlds. Hannah usually puts the DSLR type photos on her feed and I put the GoPro ones on mine.

Two different perspectives of the same day out, result 🙂

If you are thinking of adding in some GoPro photos or videos to your feed, here are my top Hashtags to use:

#goproadventures #goproshot #goprophoto #gopro #goprolife #gopronation #gopro_captures #gopro_epic #gopro_moment #goprophotography #goprooftheday #goprouniverse #goprotravel #hero5 #goprohero #goprohero5 #goprolife #gopromoff #gopropointofview #capturedifferent #usegopro #goprolifestyle #goproworld #goprokid #goprodog #gopropic #goprolab #goprophotgraphy #goprohero4 #goprovideo #gopro_boss #goproshizzle #goproenthusiasts

I also find it useful to tag in some of the other bigger GoPro accounts, here is a list of the ones I follow and their own Hashtags (some of which have been included in the paragraph above):

GoPro – #GoPro

GoPro UK – #GoProUK


GoPro Shizzle – #Goproshizzle

GoPro Point Of View – #gopropointofview

GoPro Enthusiasts – #goproenthusiasts

I know some bloggers like to maximise their Instagram posts by posting at certain times, however with GoPro photos, I haven’t really found a bad time to post.

As is with the case with non GoPro Instagram posts, engagement is key to gaining a GoPro following.

The GoPro Instagram community is one of the best I have come across because it is huge. I have managed to find some amazing accounts which feature some truly amazing photos.

So get involved and join in! Discovering new GoPro accounts also gives you some amazing inspiration for your own photos 🙂

I could never imagine having GoPro feature my stuff on their social pages but they did, in 3 countries!

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