Hurley, Berks

This was my first proper outing with my Phantom 3. I had flown it near the comfort of my own home, but never had I taken it beyond, let alone flying it over water. As the batteries only have about 22 minutes each (I have 2), you don’t get long to build up your confidence!

Unfortunately I forgot to take my ND filters with me so all of the highlights look massively blown out. At the time of flying I had only properly flown a handful of times, so I was still getting used to manouvering the copter. But as the time went on my confidence gradually grew. I shot everything in 4K resolution (which my Mac didn’t like at all!).

Flying over water was the biggest hurdle for me, as I just kept thinking that at any moment the copter would fail and just nose dive. Luckily this didnt happen and at first I was very cautious, taking it slowly then I just went for it. Whilst I have the upmost respect for the professionals who fly, I think a lot of it has to do with confidence to start with, something which grew quite quickly with me.


This was my first proper video I edited using any footage that wasn’t a Go-Pro/HTC RE/iPhone etc. So it was as much a learning curve editing properly in something that wasn’t iMovie!

For the titles I chose After Effects and for the main video I chose Premiere Pro (I now do 99% of my editing and grading in After Effects as I find you have much more tools available).


As this was my first attempt at properly editing a video, I looked for something that could assist me with the colour grading. Being used to editing photos in Camera Raw and Photoshop, I felt I had a little head start.

I did a basic first edit using levels, curves etc but I used a plugin called FilmConvert to help me achieve that subtle Film Stock look.

FilmConvert is a great little tool to use which I have discovered helps save a lot of time.