Harleyford Estate and Marina

Harleyford will always hold a special place in my heart as its where I got married. The moment I got my copter this was the first place I wanted to add to my list of places to film. As soon as my confidence was at a certain level I knew I had to get in contact with them!

After the excitement died down of Harleyford agreeing for me to film on their estate, the panic started to set in. Part of the agreement of letting me film on their land was that they wanted to use my video on their website and for promotion. I have a tendancy of getting over exciteable and thinking I can do things when in reality I may need a bit more practice and this was definitely one of those situations!

I was allowed to film over the course of October, but after that, Winter would have well and truly set in and the stunning colours of the Autumn trees would have dissapeared. I started to get a bit worried that I had missed my opportunity, after the first 2 weeks of October was the sort of weather you associate with England. However I managed to get 2 weeks which was a mixture of blazing sun and absolutely chucking it down, so I had to pick my moments wisely!


In the end I had about 5 hours worth of footage that I needed to trim down to 3 minutes which was a bigger task then I ever could have imagined.

The editing of this video took me a couple of weeks as I would go away and then come back and want to change certain elements of it. However before I even started filming I knew the song choice I would be using.

I edited the main video in Premiere Pro and used After Effects for the titles and credit.


The colour grading of this video also took quite a while, I graded 3 times in total, as I just wasn’t happy the first 2 times.

I did a basic first edit using levels, curves, lumetri colour etc but I used a plugin called FilmConvert to help me achieve that subtle Film Stock look.

FilmConvert is a great little tool to use which I have discovered helps save a lot of time.