Flackwell Heath, Bucks

This was a compilation video featuring some of my first flights with my Phantom 3. Fortunately I have a golf club in my front garden so there was plenty of space to fly around without needing to worry about people being near by.

Although this was officially my second aerial video, it was actually fimed before my Hurley video over the space of about 1 month. It was filmed with a mixture of using ND filters, sometimes without, and experimenting with shutter speeds and ISO options.

When I shoot my photos I shoot mainly in manual mode, so I tried to do the same with the aerial videos. The only difference being the shutter speed which you calculate differently when shooting video (shutter speed is double the frames per second).


As this was my second video, I felt I picked up some useful tips from the first time I used Premiere Pro with my Hurley video.

Again for the titles I chose After Effects and for the main video I chose Premiere Pro.


Like with my first, I did a basic first edit using levels, curves, lumetri colour etc and again I used a plugin called FilmConvert to help me achieve that subtle Film Stock look.

FilmConvert is a great little tool to use which I have discovered helps save a lot of time.