Would you purge if you could?

Picture the scene, you fall out with people who turn out to be everything you thought they weren’t. They end up becoming your arch enemies, you want nothing to do with them and the feeling is reciprocated.

They lurk on social media following your every move and there is nothing you can do about it.

So you wait for that fateful one night per year where for 12 hours, all criminal activity becomes legal!

The police can’t be called, hospitals are closed, it is one night of literally anything goes.

You’re out on the streets chances are you either kill or be killed!

Ok, I know this is pretty extreme and is also not real life as it’s a film called ‘The Purge’. But it’s one of those films that you watch with your partner or mates and inevitably the conversation turns to what you are watching.

You turn to your partner and the conversation starts

‘Would you purge if you could?’

Surprisingly the response is not what you expected and then the conversation flows!

Obviously we are not people who go out causing havoc because we feel like it!

When it comes to the people who are far too nosey for their own good, looking in on your lives (you know the types, curtain twitchers, people who hide behind things, generally people who have nothing going on with their lives), what do you do?

You purge people from your life!

You turn to the modern era of retaliation. You take the high road and you show them just how much better off you are by power of your social media accounts.

You show them you have never been happier than you have been right now, you show them how much better your life has become and you show them just how excited you are about what the future has in store for you.

In this day and age, bullying and/or nastiness has come on since the days of when I was at school. Back then it was strictly done to your face or done in a way that it would always get back to you by word of mouth.

Nowadays there are so many more options available to these horrible shits, but with it becomes more options available to you.

By showing you don’t care what these people think or that these cyber bullies are affecting you anyway, showing your life and everything it is becoming, you will always come out on top.

So whilst you may not have the option of purging, you do hold so many more trump cards than those half wits out there…As I bet you have more going on than they do and jealousy is all it is!

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