Am I a human door mat?!

Before we had kids I opted for an easy life. I stuck with the same job for over 9 years because I wanted to just earn money and enjoy spending it on myself. It was very selfish but when all I had to worry about was myself, why would I change anything?

By the time my first born arrived I knew that I wanted more. I didn’t want to settle and be just surviving through life.

No one ever took advantage of my good nature because I didn’t have that much to offer besides just being me. When my first born arrived I pushed myself to learn new skills with the aim of completely changing my career. Finally some years later and my dreams came true, as I now do what I love and am always striving to better myself for the good of me and my family.

It hasn’t been an easy ride though and there have been many bumps along the way.

When you learn new skills that could benefit others people tend to take advantage of that fact. People who you once classed as genuine people soon drop you when they have got what they needed.

Unfortunately for me, I am a very trusting person and will do anything for anyone if I am able to do so. But I will only give you one chance to make a mug out of me and if you choose to shaft me, I will walk away and move on.

Hannah and me were talking the other day and we said could you imagine if we got married now instead of all those years ago…We would have hardly anyone there!

Don’t get me wrong, we do have friends, but when you have kids your priorities change, so when you once had just yourselves to worry about, things were much easier.

But when you add in kids, and people only remembering you when they know you can benefit them, your life looks differently to how it once did.

Fortunately for me, my family are my everything, I even enjoy Hannah’s company most of the time!

I would much rather go on an adventure, spend time doing nothing with my family or even just sit watching a movie with them all rather than going out on the lash these days.

Some people may call me boring but I actually don’t care. You start losing faith in people when the only time you hear from them is when they ask if you’re free on a particular day because you could help them out.

As I said before, I will do anything for anyone because I genuinely like helping people if I am able to. But when that generosity turns into take, take, take, you have to start to questioning what was once there in the first place.

Nowadays I much prefer capturing our memories, making videos, getting the photos that I will be able to look back upon and keep as treasured memories.

My whole efforts now go into my family, bettering all of us so that hopefully new opportunities arise whatever they may be.

Hannah is exactly the same and we both strive to reach our dreams and push each other every step of the way. No better team than that, if you ask you me.

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