What Alex Did


In case you hadn’t guessed, my name is Alex.

I am a 30 something year old Visual Designer with a real passion for things that look good.

I am the lesser half of What Hannah Did Next and we have 3 children.

This space here used to exist solely for my professional online portfolio and photography. However, as time has gone on, it’s evolved into something much more…

I’ve never been a keen writer but now you’ll find me putting the world to rights and saying things how I see them. I don’t generally mince my words and I like to talk about the ‘real stuff’. Perhaps the stuff that not everyone openly talks about or wants to admit.

Being the creative sort, I will be adding tutorials on how on edit my stuff in the hope that you can join in along the way. As I learn I want to share that with you, in a way that hopefully you will understand as I tend to not explain myself brilliantly!

So thats me, and ‘What Alex Did’ is very much my creative outlet!